Pressing the Press and Propagandists Extrodinaire.

Media Watch List:









Rush Limbaugh

Joe Conason ( salon/ny observer )

Ann Coulter

Jim Vandehei ( politico )

John Harris ( politico )

Matt Drudge ( drudge )

David Brooks ( nyt )

Mark Halprin ( abc/time )

Fred Barnes ( slate )

Jon Stewart ( daily show )

Tweety Matthews ( msnbc )

Keith Olberman ( msnbc )

Rachael Maddow ( msnbc )

Chuck Todd (msnbc)

Joe Scarborough ( msnbc )

Mika Brzezinski ( msnbc )

Pat Buchannon ( msnbc )

Howard Fineman ( newsweek )

Donna Brazile ( cnn )

Bill Bennett ( cnn )

Paul Begala ( cnn )

Roland Martin ( cnn )

Jamal Simmons ( cnn )

Gloria Borger ( cnn )

Alex Castellanos ( cnn )

Carl Bernstein ( cnn )

Amy Holmes ( cnn )

Michelle Bernard ( indep women’s forum )

Jeffery Toobin ( new yorker )

Eugene Robinson ( washpo )

Karl Rove ( fox )

William Kristol ( fox)

Nina Easton ( fox )

Fred Barnes ( fox )

Juan Williams ( fox )

Bob Bechel ( fox )

Michael Barone ( fox )

Kirsten Powers ( fox )

Sean Hannity ( fox )

Bill O’Reilly (fox)

Martin Frost ( fox )

********anyone forgotten , please let me know*********

  1. Zucker says NBC may scale down programming hours

    Dec 8 04:52 PM

    NEW YORK (AP) – A terrible fall season at NBC is forcing the network to consider scaling back the number of hours it airs programming, Chief Executive Jeff Zucker told an investor conference Monday.
    While NBC will continue to fund the creation of pilots, Zucker told analysts at a media investor conference sponsored by UBS that NBC is considering cutting the number of hours or perhaps even the number of nights it provides programming.

    “Can we continue to program 22 hours of prime-time? Three of our competitors don’t. Can we afford to program seven nights a week? One of our competitors doesn’t,” Zucker said. “All of these questions have to be on the table. And we are actively looking at all of those questions.”

    Zucker’s comments came after the company last week laid off 500 employees—about 3 percent of its work force of 15,000—as part of a plan to trim $500 million next year.

    Part of the problem at NBC has to do with the economic crisis and slowdown in advertising revenue in a market that is “as difficult as any we’ve seen,” Zucker said. “Businesses are just afraid to commit.”

    Zucker said he did not blame the poor ratings at NBC on NBC Entertainment co-chairmen Ben Silverman and Marc Graboff.

    “We have not had a good fall at NBC. I don’t think that’s lost on anyone,” he said, adding, “but in no way have we lost confidence in either one of them.”

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