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Secretary Clinton Accepts George McGovern Leadership Award

Team Hillary revving up their engines for a — ? 2012 starts NOW!

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Secretary Clinton wishing all mothers, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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… And a Happy Mother’s Day to you too, Secretary Clinton.

.. Have a fabulous day-

Secretary Clinton… busy, busy, busy-

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Secretary Clinton Hosts Breakfast With Women Entrepreneurs

Secretary Clinton Announces New Partnership With “Partners for a New Beginning”

Secretary Clinton Speaks at American Jewish Committee Annual Gala Dinner


Have you noticed… Where’s Hillary? What is Hillary up to?

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Tellurian says:  Take a break, Grab a cuppa coffee, make yourself a cocktail. Be your own best witness to the tremendous job Hillary Clinton is doing for you and our country- You will be asked to participate in a pop quiz in 6mos.  Taking notes is allowed.

“Secretary Clinton Meets With meeting with European Parliament President”

“Secretary Clinton Meets With Israeli Defense Minister”

“Secretary Clinton Announces e-Mentor Corps initiative”

“Secretary Clinton Addresses Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship”

Senators Endorse Hillary Clinton for US Secretary of State

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dodd-and-hillaryA key U.S. Senate committee has approved the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the next secretary of state.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 16-1 in favor of Clinton. The full Senate is expected to confirm the appointment shortly after President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Clinton Backs Six-Party Talks for Ending North Korean Nuclear Program

At her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton expressed support for the Chinese-led six-party negotiations aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear program. But she told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the negotiating process championed by the Bush administration is being reviewed.

President-elect Barack Obama said during the campaign that he was willing to try face-to-face diplomacy with leaders of adversary countries, like North Korea, if it would help resolve key problems.

But in her Senate testimony, his Secretary of State-designate said both she and the incoming President believe the six-party process, underway since 2004, has merit both as a negotiating vehicle and as a channel for bilateral dialogue with Pyongyang.

Hillary Clinton told the confirmation hearing that she and outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have had several long conversations on the six-party process as part what she said is an “aggressive review” of North Korea policy by the Obama team.

Clinton Says US Should Use ‘Smart Power’ With Diplomacy in Lead hillary-bbc

Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton told senators Tuesday that the Obama administration will exercise “smart power” in international affairs with diplomacy taking the lead.

Clinton made no direct criticism of the outgoing Bush administration, but she clearly suggested that it was overly-ideological and relied too much on military power, rather than diplomacy, to project U.S. influence.

In an opening statement at the Foreign Relations Committee hearing, the secretary-designate said the Obama administration will seek a world “with more partners and fewer adversaries.”

Clinton said she and President-elect Obama believe that foreign policy must be based on a blend of principles and pragmatism, and not rigid ideology, emotions or prejudice.

“I believe that American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted. We must use what has been called smart power, the full range of tools at our disposal – diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal and cultural, picking the right tool or combination of tools for each situation. With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy. This is not a radical idea. The ancient Roman poet Terrence declared that in every endeavor, the seemly course for wise men is to try persuasion first. The same truth binds wise women as well,” she said.

Clinton signaled that she intends to build up the U.S. diplomatic corps, noting that Defense Secretary Robert Gates – who will be a Republican holdover in the new administration – has said the State Department and other U.S. civilian agencies abroad have been under-funded and under-manned for too long.

The secretary-designate outlined the general principles of the incoming administration but offered few specifics, saying key issues such as the idea of opening a U.S. diplomatic post in Iran, remain under review.

She did stress a continuing U.S. commitment to seeking peace between Israel and the Palestinians, pointedly expressing concern about civilian casualties on both sides resulting from the current conflict in Gaza.

Voice of America

HILLARY named New Yorker OF THE YEAR!

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Shhhhh! … The most powerful woman in the world…. Barr None! Hard work does have it’s Rewards!

Caroline, Look and Learn!

(look for Hill and Bill tonight  at midnight in Times Square) hillary-in-blue

So Hillary Clinton will become with the dawn of a new White House. Madam Secretary of State. A strong hand in a velvet glove, extended to the globe on behalf of the most anticipated presidency in generations.

Short of Barack Obama, no American today­ has a greater opportunity to shape international history than does New York’s departing ­ junior U.S. senator.

And, short of Barack Obama, no American played a greater role last year in influencing the choice of the 44th President of the United States. Clinton galvanized 18 million voters and made her ultimately successful rival much the better by testing him vigorously.

For carrying the banner of a history-making candidacy with a resolve and class worthy of this city — in victory and defeat — we today salute Hillary Clinton as the Daily News New Yorker of the Year for 2008.

Never in long memory was an electorate as energized as the Democrats were in a campaign that seemed to last for eons. They burned with a desire to reclaim the White House after the stewardship of George W. Bush. And they had genuine contenders in Barack Obama and . . . not Edwards, not Biden, not Dodd, not Richardson, not Kucinich . . . ­Hillary Clinton.

She alone — former First Lady, inheritor of the formidable Clinton ­political machine, admired and reviled in heaping measures — was Obama’s countervailing poll star. No one else had nearly the heft to give the inspiring upstart a run for his very considerable money.

Early on, conventional wisdom held that Clinton was the inevitable choice and would face the Republicans as a uniquely polarizing figure. To her loss and her gain, she proved the CW wrong on both counts.

The show was a spectacular. There was Clinton stumbling to a third-place finish in Iowa, a year after announcing, “I’m in. And I’m in to win.”

There was Clinton winning New Hampshire after becoming visibly emotional the day before the primary.

And airing the most effective commercial of the campaign, the “3 a.m. phone call” ad that questioned Obama’s readiness to handle a crisis.

And weathering controversies over race, and downing a shot of Crown Royal at Bronko’s Restaurant and Lounge in Indiana, and challenging Obama to a bowling contest, and refusing calls to give up the fight, and winning the Ohio and Pennsylvania primaries as a working-class heroine with roaring women’s support.

And conceding defeat with her head high.

“Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it,” she told her troops. “And the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time.”

Now, Clinton is to be secretary of state. Senatorial confirmation is all but certain — a remarkable fact in itself. This is, after all, the same Hillary Clinton who not so long ago was the woman the political right loved to hate, the Democrat who stood for so much that Republicans could not stomach.

Not that they are in love with her, but Clinton did prove her mettle in the campaign while taking more muscular international stances than Obama did. Her greater firmness on Iran and Iraq and other matters helped give the Obama foreign policy team a much-noted centrist, pragmatic cast. So much so that the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Richard Lugar of Indiana, called Obama’s choices, which would include Clinton, “excellent.”

At the height of the primaries and after, many Democrats yearned for a dream team of a President Obama and a Vice President Clinton. The second spot went elsewhere, with its role and authorities still to be defined. There’s no such vagueness for Clinton: Obama gave her the planet as her portfolio at the very ­moment when the world is pleading for America to lead.