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Hillary Clinton visit would help peace in Ireland

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First Lady, Hillary Clinton signing autographs in Ireland

First Lady, Hillary Clinton signing autographs in Ireland

Monday, 27 July 2009

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, is no stranger to Northern Ireland and an autumn visit here, if the current speculation proves correct, would be most welcome.

There is also strong speculation that she may be appointed by President Obama as the new special envoy to Northern Ireland. The post was previously held by career diplomats, and Senator George Mitchell also showed how a seasoned politician can bring an important dimension to peace-making here.

Much progress has been made since George Mitchell made his unique contribution by paving the way for the Good Friday Agreement. As Chancellor, until recently, of Queen’s University he also kept a friendly eye on the Province as he carried out his official duties and also renewed his contacts.

He has now moved on, and in his current onerous task as a Special Envoy to the Middle East, his experience here will no doubt prove beneficial.

In the recent past diplomats, including Richard Hass and Paula Dobriansky, have played an important role as Special Envoys to Northern Ireland, but it appeared initially that President Obama was unwilling to fill the post full-time.

Northern Ireland has made progress, but the Stormont power-sharing is still a fledgling experiment, and it would be foolhardy to suppose that this Province and its politicians could or should ignore offers of outside help and advice.

Hillary Clinton is well-placed to fill the role of Special Envoy, even on a part-time basis. She is a partner in one of the most influential political dynasties in the United States and together with her husband President Bill Clinton, she has made a significant contribution to building peace and prosperity in Northern Ireland.

There is no doubt that Bill Clinton played a major role here when he was the US president, and without his sustained interest and political skills it is doubtful if the final obstacles to the Good Friday Agreement would have been overcome.

Hillary Clinton made her own contribution, not only as First Lady, but also as a shrewd politician who developed a close empathy with the people of Northern Ireland, and particularly with women’s groups.

Obviously the situation has changed on the ground since her previous visits, but she knows enough about this Province to pick up quickly the more recent developments, and even more important, she understands the politics and the passions which makes Northern Ireland what it is.

The appointment of a Special Envoy, and the identity of such an incumbent, is a matter for President Obama who has many other major preoccupations. Nevertheless he will be keen to do the right thing by this Province and its people.

In the meantime, every welcome should be given to Hillary Clinton if and when she returns to Northern Ireland some time in the autumn. She has a wealth of experience and contacts to share with our political, economic and community leaders, and Northern Ireland will continue to need help at the highest levels to promote and sustain an economic progress to match that of the peace process.

There is no better person to provide that help than Hillary Clinton, and her visit this autumn, if it materialises, could have a significant impact on our economic and political progress and, above all, on the prospects for a peaceful future.

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Hillary receives special envoy George Mitchell

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Remarks by Secretary Clinton and Special Envoy Mitchell After Their Meeting

February 03, 2009
Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary of State
George Mitchell, Special Envoy for Middle East Peace
Washington, DC
SECRETARY CLINTON: Good morning. I welcomed our Special Envoy George Mitchell back from his trip to the Middle East and Europe this morning, and we were able to have a long discussion about what he heard and learned in the region. This kind of diplomatic force projection that Special Envoy Mitchell represents is something that both the President and I believe very strongly in, and I was pleased that the President agreed to appoint Senator Mitchell. And of course, he quickly sprang into action.
He has described to me the steps that he discussed with the various parties to obtain a sustainable and durable ceasefire. We especially commend Egypt for its leadership role in working through the complex issues concerning a ceasefire. Senator Mitchell also discussed how we can better mobilize humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza and to coordinate the efforts underway or anticipated in the international community.
This is the first of what will be an ongoing, high level of engagement by Senator Mitchell on behalf of myself and the President. We are looking to work with all of the parties to try to help them make progress toward a negotiated agreement that would end the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, create an independent and viable Palestinian state in both the West Bank and Gaza, and provide Israel with the peace and security that it has sought.
We are looking forward to the results of the Israeli elections so that we can begin working with a new Israeli government. We are working with the Palestinian Authority under President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad to support their efforts to continue the progress that they have made in providing security and meeting the needs of the Palestinian people.


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Steinmeier meets US secretary of state in Washington

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has described Germany as one of Washington’s closest allies. Clinton made the statement following a meeting with visiting German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Washington. This was the first face-to-face contact between the German government and the administration of US President Barack Obama. Clinton said she had thanked Steinmeier in particular for Germany’s commitment to efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan. Germany has more than 3,000 troops in that country as part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force. Steinmeier focused his comments to reporters on the need to establish a new trans-Atlantic agenda. Both Steinmeier and Clinton expressed concerns about the news that Iran had succeeded in launching its first domestically built satellite. Iranian state television said the satellite was designed for use for peaceful purposes only.