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Secretary of state.. salary cut for Hillary..

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clutch-my-pearlsThe future Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will be taking a pay cut of $4,700 qualifying her for her new job. The rest of the stellar Congress that has financially bankrupted our economy, will be getting a pay raise- huh… Yes I said a pay raise.It works like this. Senators now make $169,300 and are expected to receive a raise to $174,000 next year. I ask you, does this make any sense to increase the burden on taxpayers while they continue losing jobs in every sector of the economy?

This pay raise means an additional $4,700 in each and every Senator’s paycheck. This $4,700 increase will be taken out of the hide of the taxpayers who are suffering beyond belief trying to stay alive and survive the catastrophic bankruptcy of our economy brought to us by the people seeking a raise for their shameful work.

If we had hired them as subcontractors and they didn’t deliver satisfactory results for the job they were hired to do…. would they be paid for producing inferior substandard service? I know, I would not be willing to pay for something I never received. If Senators were employed in executive positions in the corporate sector; stockholders would have a problem increasing salaries for inexcusable failure. They would rightfully vote it down!

So, why are we allowing this tragic misappropriation of public funds rewarding a failed Democratic Congress paying them an additional $4,700 dollars a year for sending the middle class to the poor house? I welcome comments reflecting this insanity unless readers are either too apathetic to respond or unaware we are once again victims of a ‘spit in your face’ Congress laughing all the way to the bank with OUR MONEY! .
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Will HRC face sexism as SOS? Pelosi: None at all!

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Remember Folks, you read it here!

FED HOUSE CREDITCARDSNEW YORK – At a forum with New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Monday night, Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed excitement when describing her conversation with Hillary Clinton earlier in the day. “Senator Clinton called me at 10 to say it will be formal,” said Pelosi of the widely reported Secretary of State appointment.

Pelosi and Maloney appeared together at Hunter College in a forum on women’s politics and progress. The conversation, moderated by Lynn Sherr, focused mainly on the 2008 presidential election.

Was there sexism for Senator Clinton and Governor Palin?

“For Hillary Clinton, the country came face to face with misogyny,” Maloney said. “She inspired despite the hurdles for her that weren’t there for her opponents…John McCain had a 23-year problem with women votes; Palin did nothing to help women’s rights. The American people can see the difference between someone there as a woman and someone with a record.”

Congresswoman Maloney did credit Gov. Palin for her commitment to her family, and the public acceptance of a woman with small children in politics. But she added, “at the same time, she was not for women’s rights, women saw right through her and voted against her.”

When asked if Clinton will face sexism as Secretary of Sate, Speaker Pelosi looked almost surprised. “None at all,” she told the mostly female crowd of supportive New Yorkers. “I’ve traveled as speaker, I know the respect people have for her [Senator Clinton]. She will be there in her own right; people will know she is close to the President, Barack Obama. She is a source of strength, a force in her own right.”

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Madame Pelosi seems to fear more of the backlash [she] aroused from millions of incensed women around the country who perceived her apathy during the run-up to the Conventions as Failure to Function when under pressure. Which of course is nonsense. The dye was cast and Nancy stood proudly waving the Obama flag throughout the Primary. Her only agenda…. STOP HILLARY! and turn a blind eye to the paralytics, Dean and Reid who lambasted Hillary daily with calls for her to step down/out of the Primary Race.