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In Obama on May 6, 2011 at 12:50 pm

  1. God bless and support our USA Troops. Live long and blessings to our online “angels”/messengers. 3: Concerns are most relevant: 1. Jobs. 2. Energy. 3. Health Care.(a side note about health care; “Mothers are Angels in training.” The First note on JOBS is such: relevant and proper Products & Services needed to be implemented with proper Accounting. “Prudent Supply and demand without wasteful spending.” This is how the “free market” helps the middle-class; which is the back-bone of a healthy economy. Hilary: I believe your experience in many levels of government; not just this past decade make you the most prime choice for cadency of Commander and Chief and a “Uniter” of the American people; moreover a cooperative problem solver. “A house divided can not stand.” -Abe Lincoln…… Myself I am unemployed, but aware as a B.S. Nursing Student of how Medicare, Medicaid operates; albeit with a sense of cooperative communication and evolving economics. I compliment your good sense of history which you have. Ought you be the running leader in this presidential campaign? Also, in meekness I would ask for a hand-shake and a possible intern position? (I too need a JOB and can relate) It would be my dream to be secretary of state some day, an inspiration like TJ “some day” and maybe if wishing is too grandiose vice-president. About the economy Mexico went through a period similar to ours about 30 years ago and it lead to the Pasco number 2 to correct hyper inflation. Ben Stein, Jim Cramer, and Melissa Lee are key note experts on economics. I would need to do an ongoing project with mentors to help the “JOBS” issue. But, would start with a manageable Post-Office: for our most important legal documents and honored careers. Vote Hillary for Jobs she knows what she is talking about!
    Matthew Crowner-Applicant
    References on LINKEDIN
    Over 160,000 people 3rd degree from 10 trusted.
    God bless the USA!
    And God & America help Japan!

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