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'Bling, that’s the official description,' Hillary Clinton said. | Photo by AP Phot

By PATRICK GAVIN | 11/5/10
There continue to be yuks-a-plenty during Hillary Clinton’s trip abroad.

On Friday, day after the Secretary of State was called “President” by the New Zealand Prime Minister, Clinton met with Bob Parker, mayor of Christchurch in New Zealand — and, believe it or not, the topic of “bling” came up. Parker was wearing his mayoral chains and Clinton couldn’t help but pay them a compliment.

“And during that time, officials like the mayor – and I’m delighted you’re here.
I always love those wonderful – what are they called ?,” she said.

“Bling,” said Parker, to laughter (according to a State Department transcript).

“Bling,” Clinton repeated. “That’s the official description. Excellent bling, Mayor. Excellent bling.”

It wasn’t Clinton’s only laugh-line of the day. She also made a joke about the fact that her D.C. residence on Whitehaven Street is right near the New Zealand embassy; she can even see into the embassy’s backyard pool.

“And I keep an eye on the ambassador from New Zealand because he lives next door to me in Washington. And my lips are sealed,” she said.