GIVE em’ Hell, Hillary!

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If hindsight is 20/20, then Hillary Clinton needs to be President!

Watch the video and see why…

Why hasn’t Obama given BP a deadline for capping the oil well before we, (the country,) step in with US resources? Our infamous US See-bees are experts at setting underwater demolition as well as the Navy Seals, I’m sure they can blow this well up as one would suspect and seal this well now and forever. The next question is: then why haven’t they done this?

Why hasn’t the President set a drop dead date for BP to handle what it so far, has been unable to handle? If they consider themselves to be the experts in their field but have never dealt with an insurmountable problem such as this runaway spill? Then why do we continue to sit around taking the wait and see approach advised by the “OIL” company running the show?

Meanwhile, marine animals, bird life, fragile ecosystems have to die; because why? BP needs time, months, to drill a relief beside the runnaway well?

“President Barack Obama might also hear some of that anger. He will return to the Louisiana coast Friday to assess the latest efforts, his third trip to the region since the disaster unfolded and his second in a week.

He told CNN’s Larry King that he, too, was frustrated and used his strongest language in assailing BP.

“I am furious at this entire situation because this is an example where somebody didn’t think through the consequences of their actions,” Obama said. “This is imperiling an entire way of life and an entire region for potentially years.”

Obama tells us nothing what we don’t already know… Get off your rear-end and give BP an ultimatum- IT’S NOW or NEVER!. Remember, we do not know if WE with all the military resources at our disposal can get this well capped off and under control.


  1. Inder Dan Ratu- What you have left out of your story is that Obama stole the democratic nomination from Hillary. It happened in Washington, DC on May 31, 2008.

  2. Not only that, but we can’t say we oppose any drilling of any kind, and then get in our cars and crank up our air conditioners — both of which plenty of liberals do every day, including me. The oil thirst that caused us to do this is the responsibility of every single one of us, not just Sarah freakin Palin and anyone who doesn’t think she’s the spawn of Satan.

  3. This is a good video, to a point. Of course, Hillary was correct all along, about Barack.

    But where the video goes wrong is when it deviates into anti-Palin hysteria. The kind of drilling Palin has advocated is not “deep sea.” It is on land and in shallow, more manageable waters.

    The problem is this… we can’t have it both ways. We can’t say we oppose Anwar drilling and then turn a blind eye to deep sea excavation in the Gulf. When the latter is, clearly, far more dangerous.

    At any rate…. I would post this video to my blogs. The first half or so is wonderful. But… I am not about to promote the demonization of Sarah Palin. There’s no reason for me to demonize her. She is not the one taking hundreds of millions from BP to line her own pockets. And… in Alaska…. Sarah had Big Oil by the balls. Not the other way around.

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