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Obama fears Hillary- It’s about…. TIME!

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TA-Daaa! New Details about Chelsea’s wedding!

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Chelsea is positively radiant. Her happiness lights up the room!

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Dress Is Vera Wang!

Chelsea Clinton’s top-secret July 31 wedding is being planned by Massachusetts events organizer Bryan Rafanelli and will be held at a venue “within a three-hour drive of New York City,” according to details released today by New York magazine.

Even invited guests will only find out the exact location a week before the ceremony.

One pal of the bride tells StyeList: “Chelsea is just the most down-to-earth person in real life. She works, she’s crazy about Marc [Mezvinsky, her investment-banker fiancé]. But it’s going to be hard for her to plan this wedding and keep it intimate because things tend to get big when her parents are involved. Her mom and dad know a lot of people.”

The guest list is already a cause of fierce speculation. “It’s not a celebrity-driven wedding,” an insider tells New York magazine. “You really see who their closest friends are in this list.”

Invitations are said to be limited to 400 people and the bride has “instituted a strict no-strangers policy: She must personally know every invitee.”

(Fans of old-school New York society might remember that 400 was also the number of names on Mrs. Caroline Astor’s famous list of approved socialites — 400 being the number of people who could fit into her ballroom.)

Terry McAuliffe, the former DNC chairman and longtime Clinton consigliere, is said to be charged with finding a venue, which will probably be the home of a wealthy Clinton donor.

The Hamptons are reportedly out because of weekend congestion on the roads of New York’s luxury playground, meaning the likely location will be the moneyed but more bucolic Dutchess or Westchester counties (where Bill and Hilary Clinton have a base in the hamlet of Chappaqua).

New York magazine writes that guests will include “Clinton’s special assistant Doug Band, former White House social secretary Capricia Marshall, and top Hillary Clinton aide and former traveling chief of staff Huma Abedin.” (Planner Rafanelli is also doing Abedin’s upcoming wedding to New York City congressman Rep. Anthony Weiner.)

Off the list is said to be California supermarket billionaire and major Clinton-donor Ron Burkle. The former President’s wingman, who had a fondness for the ladies — and a private jet with an unrepeatable nickname that indicates it was where he liked to seal the deal — is said to have made Hillary and Chelsea nervous about his friendship with Bill.

Also unknown is the designer of Chelsea’s wedding dress. The pal tells StyleList: “I think the smart money is on a New York designer like Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang. Chelsea is quite traditional when it comes to fashion.”

*UPDATE #1 : Sources tell StyleList exclusively that Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress is indeed being made by Vera Wang, the go-to gown-maker for many celebrities and socialites on their big day.

“They’re putting the dress together right now, and it’s taking some time,” says an insider. A rep for Vera Wang did not immediately return a phone call requesting comment.

Hillary in Peru.. part of the final leg of her Tour of Latin America…

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“The Bahamas Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette said experts, including those from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), have warned that the northern island chain is vulnerable to the Gulf Oil spill.”

Hillary: “Clinton described Symonette’s presentation as “sobering” telling reporter that he pointed to the United States’ inability to cope with the clean-up. “Our understanding of, and preparation for dealing with a disaster like this is out-of-date,” Clinton said.” “People have reached agreements and organised themselves to deal with a tanker accident or a cruise ship discharge – the kinds of things that unfortunately were the problems of the past.”

“But now we face this catastrophic blowout of this huge drilling operation in the Gulf and ministers made a very good suggestion that we need to start right now to get better prepared, better equipped to deal with something that might be of this magnitude in the future,” she said, noting that the Obama administration has pledged to do everything possible to prevent further environmental damage.”


GIVE em’ Hell, Hillary!

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If hindsight is 20/20, then Hillary Clinton needs to be President!

Watch the video and see why…

Why hasn’t Obama given BP a deadline for capping the oil well before we, (the country,) step in with US resources? Our infamous US See-bees are experts at setting underwater demolition as well as the Navy Seals, I’m sure they can blow this well up as one would suspect and seal this well now and forever. The next question is: then why haven’t they done this?

Why hasn’t the President set a drop dead date for BP to handle what it so far, has been unable to handle? If they consider themselves to be the experts in their field but have never dealt with an insurmountable problem such as this runaway spill? Then why do we continue to sit around taking the wait and see approach advised by the “OIL” company running the show?

Meanwhile, marine animals, bird life, fragile ecosystems have to die; because why? BP needs time, months, to drill a relief beside the runnaway well?

“President Barack Obama might also hear some of that anger. He will return to the Louisiana coast Friday to assess the latest efforts, his third trip to the region since the disaster unfolded and his second in a week.

He told CNN’s Larry King that he, too, was frustrated and used his strongest language in assailing BP.

“I am furious at this entire situation because this is an example where somebody didn’t think through the consequences of their actions,” Obama said. “This is imperiling an entire way of life and an entire region for potentially years.”

Obama tells us nothing what we don’t already know… Get off your rear-end and give BP an ultimatum- IT’S NOW or NEVER!. Remember, we do not know if WE with all the military resources at our disposal can get this well capped off and under control.