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Bill Clinton UNPLUGGED: The Clinton Tapes… Candid, Smart, Funny…

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In ‘The Clinton Tapes,’ Bill Clinton Disses Bush, Dowd, Gore and More

The UPS man said he wished everyone were as excited to see him at their door as I was when he put that Teddy Kennedy memoir, “True Compass,” in my hands last week. But it’s just as well that I wasn’t home when he dropped off Taylor Branch’s forthcoming “The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History With the President.” Because having been assigned to write about such historical figures as Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and Linda Tripp for The New York Times, my initial reaction to Clinton’s gazillion hours of yakking to Branch was I’ve seen that movie, thanks — and some of it was tedious the first time. Link

Please understand the author of the above article is a Clinton Hater from way back-

Better than the short synopsis and link- the comments from readers are by far the better path for an objective book review-


10:10PM Sep 22nd 2009

I don’t care what a person does or says in their PERSONAL LIFE, period………………………….as long as they do a good work at their job. We all had a little change jiggling in our pockets those 8 yrs. Clinton was in office. God only knows how hard that man worked with that Republican Congress, even with Newt and K. Starr judging and prosecuting him. ($66 million spent doing so) Such a waste of time and money (our money).

President Clinton did try to KILL BIN LADEN, and in transition of the Presidency, he warned W several times about Bin Laden. Plus, he left W a $180 billion surplus, but it was gone with those stupid checks W mailed out to us, trying to win some popularity from the American people which was so low. And also W thought, as President it would be easy, until 9/11 he had planned on playing golf thru his Presidency.

And should he ever been President anyway? Whistle blower was going to testify over voter fraud in the Bush Administration, but was killed in a mysterious plane crash, in Dec. 2008. Read more:

But, back to President Clinton: Except for that One thing with President Clinton he was and still is one of the most brilliant President’s we’ve ever had. And except for that One thing, his Presidency was one of the most successful. Even with that One thing, he still may go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents. And President Obama needs to let go of his ego and use President Clinton more. Did you folks know, when Bill Clinton left office, his popularity rate, I think was still at 65%?

The American people could have cared less about that One thing. And when the extreme right wingers judge, they need to remember ALL THE SCANDALS THAT WENT ON IN THEIR PARTY UNDER THE CHENEY/ROVE/BUSH administration.

Even though, I agree Al Gore was a bore, I think 9/11 might have Not happened if a Democrat had won [oh wait they did], because Clinton and Gore had a much better relationship with the Muslim world than did the Bush family. Herbert, 41, left troops in Mecca, Saudi Arabia after Desert Storm, of course for the base and to watch over Kuwait, but with that said/written it infuriated the Muslims. Remember, 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi. And by the way, how come the Saudi government was never held responsible for that? [15 OF 19 folks] The Saudi government ALL HAVE TRILLIONS and trillions and trillions from bleeding the world for their selfish profits.

Hey Saudi government how about sending us a couple of a trillion FREE, we could sure use it NOW to make up for 9/11 and the lousy job W did. AND SAUDI’s REMEMBER ‘W’ HAD THE BIN LADEN OUT OF AMERICA IN 2 DAYS AFTER 9/11 ……………….. and don’t forget your partner Herbert (41) with the Carlyle Group!!! RATE THIS COMMENT:Vote UpVote DownGood (3)

11:22PM Sep 22nd 2009
Ren, bottom sentence CORRECTION on u’r post.

“Hey Saudi government how about sending us a couple of a trillion FREE, we could sure use it NOW to make up for 9/11 and the lousy job W did. AND SAUDI’s REMEMBER ‘W’ HAD THE BIN LADEN [FAMILY] OUT OF AMERICA IN 2 DAYS AFTER 9/11………………….and don’t forget your partner Herbert (41) with the Carlyle Group!!!

I agree with pretty much everything u wrote, except about Gore, he isn’t given enough credit for all he has done around the world and here in the good ole’ USA. If it had not been for Al Gore, America and the rest of the world would still be apathetic about Global Warmning.

I googled George H.W. Bush and his ties (Carlyle Group) with the Saudi government, interesting to say the least. We’ll never know the truth about all the corruption under the G.W. Bush Administration, will we? SAD
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1:29AM Sep 23rd 2009

Best President ever. Remember Kennedy, Onasis, and the blonde Marilyn, nothing said nothing done. Well Tawny, I guess if you were with a willy and doing your job as brilliant as President Clinton you wouldn’t want the world to know about your private parts, orgasms, and private life. Your statement more distaste than mine. Get a life.
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8:08AM Sep 22nd 2009

He got one thing right, Al Gore is still living in Neverland.
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8:18AM Sep 22nd 2009

Al Gore’s defeat was best for America. He would have been a horrible president–worse than Obama.
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3:15PM Sep 22nd 2009

Stella, but he will make BILLIONS of the cap and tax, a present from the democrats and Pres. Obama. He is laughing all the way to the bank and thanking all the gullible american people.
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10:37PM Sep 22nd 2009

[Al Gore’s defeat was best for America. He would have been a horrible president–worse than Obama.] heh heh…I love the warm feeling of superiority I get whenever anyone admits to still thinking that Bush was a good president.
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10:58PM Sep 22nd 2009

You hit on the nose man, President Clinton was the best president this counntry ever had in this day and age. He was respected all over the world, and when he does something, he does it well and with a smile. How about those who voted for Bush JR twice? what does that tell our Republican friends? was there anyone watching?
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11:19PM Sep 22nd 2009
WESTSIDEMTNBILKER; That warm feeling you have was from wetting yourself, try again.
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11:20AM Sep 22nd 2009
Sounds to me like the 2000 election was for run for village idiots is there nothing in Washington to filter these folk out of the system so that a fit and proper person gets elected ?
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11:53AM Sep 22nd 2009

Artti – I’m not picking on you; just responding to your post. Any criticism here is directed at ALL OF US! Given the perspective and tone in our media, can we realistically expect any “honest, intelligent, and caring” person to run for public office? Would such a person subject their own family to such an abuse?

The politician lives his/her life in a fishbowl. Their every move and decision is scrutinized, second-guessed, and criticized. In a diverse society, no decision is going to please everyone. It is understood that the media has to report the dissenting opinions, but, the media needs to provide comprehensive coverage. Instead, the media sensationalizes the situations by overemphasizing the extreme positions. If a typical reporter interviewed 10 people (one left-wing extremist, one right-wing extremist, and the balance are centrists), 80% of the reporter’s article would cover what the two extremists had to say. The media overemphasizes the discord and disharmony in our society. People are asking “What happened to civility?” Well, the media drove it out by ignoring it. Like Obama said, the media encourages rudeness!!

This perverted perspective extends o the politician’s personal life. The media dissects their background and their family looking for any “dirt” they can find. The media, especially the paparazzi, salivate at the thought of catching a politician/celebrity making a mistake or doing something embarrassing.

Why do we find it necessary to tear our politicians apart? Are we so jealous, insignificant, and insecure, that we can not stand the thought of someone being revered or honored more than ourselves?
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8:30PM Sep 22nd 2009
Apparently not; we have Obama don’t we.
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12:08AM Sep 23rd 2009
Right on. Gore or Bush? I wrote myself in on the 2000 ballot.
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8:41AM Sep 22nd 2009
umm, the writer of this article actually bought that Ted “killer” Kennedy book…and is bragging??
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Fat boy
10:10AM Sep 22nd 2009
I bet it wasn’t any of Mary Jo’s family. Only in America if you are a drunk womanizing killer will you be rememberd as a “Lion” after your death. God have mercy on this awful nation.
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8:52AM Sep 22nd 2009
For those who don’t know,  (the author of this article)  Melinda Henneberger is a long time Clinton hater. So whatever she says about anything Clinton, take it with a grain of salt. Just do a Google search with her name and Clinton, it’s all old music to my ears. This article continues the pattern.
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