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In Global News, Health Care, Human Rights, news on September 13, 2009 at 9:33 am

Now-now, be thoughtful and polite and maybe your question will be chosen.

  1. Dear Michelle,

    You’ve expressed our sentiments exactly. If you do the video… you can ask: “How do we disassociate ourselves from the incumbent democrats without replacing them with more of the same?”

    “Voting for Indycrats” ?

  2. Dear President Clinton-
    I am a registered Democrat who voted for you proudly twice, wrote in Mrs. Clinton.
    After the horror of the current Obama administration how can we Democrats ever hold our heads high and be proud to say we are Democrats again?
    You have always been an astute observer of the political scene so I know you know Democrats are leaving in droves. Thank you for being a great President. Tell Mrs. Clinton we do miss the peace and the prosperity.

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