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No- She is not back on the job but she is doing her job from home. Here she is Monday morning in conference with Obama after the surgery Friday reconstructing her elbow. From what we’ve been told, she’s had a rod and several pins inserted in her arm stabilizing the fracture keeping it in position during the healing process.


This particular injury is very painful due to the location of the fracture. As it is at the flex point between the long bone of the arm and the shorter bone of the upper arm joined together by the elbow allowing the bending.

My advise: take enough painkillers to make yourself comfortable, Hillary. Enduring unrelenting pain is not an Rx for recovery. The break is stressful enough. God bless and heal quickly-

(ht/Always for Hillary)

“The secretary was in the office this (Monday) morning. She attended her morning staff meetings,” Kelly said. “She’s already made a few phone calls. She made a bunch of phone calls over the weekend, as well.”

Kelly said she has some mobility issues because there’s a “big cast” on her arm and its in a sling.

“And she’s a right-hander, so … she’s got some dexterity and mobility issues,” the spokesman said. “But she was on top of her game this morning.”

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