Madame Secretary delivers Commencement speech at NYU graduation

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NY1’s Michael Scotto filed the following report. (video link below)

Hillary Clinton was welcomed like a hometown hero at Yankee Stadium.

The former U.S. Senator who is now the nation’s top diplomat returned to New York to pick up an honorary law degree and address 6,000 NYU graduates and some 20,000 guests.

“Does it get any better than this. A graduation ceremony for one of the great universities in the world in the home of the New York Yankees. Nothing could be better,” said Clinton.

Her speech came just months after she left the Senate for the State Department and less than a year after she ended her bid for the U.S. Presidency. The address was light on politics and heavy on references to her new job. She urged graduates to get involved and tackle the daunting list of challenges facing the world.

“The times you are graduating in are, yes, perhaps more difficult and more daunting, but that is when we really rise together,” said Clinton.

Pleased to have Clinton as their Speaker, many of the graduates welcomed Clinton back to New York.

One student, who was clearly a fan, even decorated his cap with a message for the Secretary of State.

“I’m a Hillary supporter. I supported her in the primaries,” said NYU graduate Randy Lesko.

“I miss her as the Senator, but at the same time she’s picking up a very big role that is also going to help the whole nation,” said NYU graduate Emmanuel Maclord Ansah.

Clinton told students she needs their help, too.

“For those of you who are still looking for jobs, we are hiring a new generation of diplomats,” said Clinton.

It was welcome news for graduates facing an already tough job market.

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