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Meeting at the Picnic table: The equivalent of the 3am phone call?

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Hillary: Obama adviser, Secretary of State, First Lady Adviser, Foreign Policy Chief, Nuclear Arms consultant, Goodwill Ambassador, State of Affairs Analyst etc.

Hillary has how many jobs? She’s only getting paid for one, her Secretary of State position and there were complaints about that, she would be over paid.

Another busy day at the White House: First Lady Michelle Obama hosted students from Bancroft High School in Washington, who helped her plant and water the brand-new White House garden. She and Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack spoke to the students about the healthy fruits and veggies that would grow there. “It’s all brain food,” Obama said.   She cheered the kids for bringing good weather and then sent them (and the press) home with cookies.

The weather was so nice in fact, that, after President Obama received his economic briefing and met with Defense Secretary Robert Gates in the Oval Office, the POTUS and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided to hold their 4:15 meeting out behind the White House—next to the swing set installed for the Obama girls in March.

Striding out from the West Wing, the two seemed thick as thieves—smiling, Secretary Clinton casually swung her leg over the bench on the east side of the playground, and the president grinned and waved to gawking reporters and staff as he sat down across from her. After all, it was just a year ago that Clinton could be seen lamenting“Shame on you, Barack Obama.” Link

As we look back,  Hillary’s assessment (kind as it was ) was more than appropriate and accurate!