Thank goodness our girl hasn’t deserted US!

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She was my first choice. She was my ONLY choice. How many of you needed a “CHANGE”? How many of you thought just about anyone could be president IF they surrounded themselves with brilliant, competent people? Yes, YOU and Oprah… Thanks a bunch, you silly ignorant, erstwhile people for closing your eyes to the Grandest Theft of another presidency. Playing directly into the hands of power players standing in the wings laughing at your stupidity, patiently waiting for the biggest Power Grab in the history of the World. By WHO, you say? You still don’t know? The WORLD BANKERS if you’re too busy to pay attention because you think you are immune to this financial crisis!

Well, common sense was overruled by impetuosity. The petulance of children wanting something shiny and new. Something that never had value for the price they were willing to pay. Something plastic. Something that would never hold up under the strain and difficulties of the problems facing the next president that would be needing immediate attention. Plastic is not steel and plastic is exactly what you forced us into by having your children take the lead and advising YOU who would be the best choice for the next president of this country.

When I heard Caroline Kennedy announce to the World, her children took her by the hand to hear Obama speak; she then claimed, Obama (HE)..his vision is the closest she has come to hearing a presidential candidate with the inspiration and vision of her father. … I might have beena child myself at the time of the Kennedy assassination but I did pick up a book or two during my formative years when my Dad heavily invested in my unorthodox college education. Having private tutelage is not always representative of privilege and wealth. My father felt children need to be trained to think for themselves. Obviously, somewhere along the way, Caroline has been caught up in her own celebrity and has lost the good sense of the culture and values her mother and father truly represented.

Thank goodness, Governor Paterson did not succumb to the pressure of the gated Caroline community who gave their half hearted endorsements to a another wayward Kennedy grown up around the core values of her Uncle rather than the legacy left to her by her parents.

My Dad was a fanatic about committing cumulative errors because it leads to irreconcilable events. Obama and Caroline are sterling examples of cumulative mistakes. I’m thankful New Yorkers woke up in time and discouraged Paterson doing just that, making a bad situation worse . And I’m happy to say, timing is everything. It wasn’t the time to distract the focus with inane candidates. It was the time to stay focused on the prize and proceed unrelentingly until we prevailed.

We did and were rewarded with Paterson’s appointment of Kirsten Gillibrand , as the next NY Senator. The thrill of victory is sweet for those wonderful New Yorkers who “thought for themselves.”

Hillary to attend Afghan Conference on March 31…

state-dept-logoReuters) – The State Department announced on Monday that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would attend a Conference on Afghanistan next week but did not say whether she would meet Iranian officials there.

State Department spokesman Robert Wood said Clinton would be accompanied by U.S. special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, to the conference, which is set to be held on March 31 in the Dutch city of The Hague.

“The Hague ministerial should reaffirm the solid and long-term commitment of the international community to supporting the government of Afghanistan in shaping a better future for Afghanistan and its people,” Wood said.

Clinton and Holbrooke are expected to provide details of a review of U.S. strategy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is set to be released by the Obama administration before the Dutch conference.

Earlier this month, Clinton said Iran’s foreign minister also would be invited to attend The Hague conference, setting up her first chance to meet a senior official from Tehran in her new role as top U.S. diplomat.

Last week U.S. President Barack Obama sent a video message to Iran’s government and people in which he said Washington wanted to have “constructive ties” with Tehran.

In an about face from President George W. Bush’s isolation policy of Tehran, the Obama administration has said it would like to engage Iran on a range of issues, from its nuclear program to assistance in stabilizing Afghanistan.

Wood said he knew of no meetings planned between Clinton and the Iranians, but also did not rule it out.

Iran has said it would be interested in attending the meeting in the Netherlands but has not yet said who could be there.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice attended several conferences aimed at stabilizing Iraq, where Iran was also invited.

Rice exchanged pleasantries with Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki at those events but never had substantive talks with him.

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