Madame Secretary’s support for Historic Van Buren land aquisition realized…

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Senate passes Martin Van Buren National Historic Site Protection Act.

WASHINGTON – The US Senate has passed the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site Boundary Revision Act, legislation sponsored by then-Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand and then-Senator Hillary Clinton. The bill would enact a 2003 study by the National Park Service that will add approximately 261 acres to the current Park.

“We are now one step closer to preserving the history of Martin Van Buren’s Lindenwald and the rich agricultural character of the Hudson Valley,” said now-Senator Gillibrand. ***“The dedication of the local community to preserve their rich history has been vital. This boundary expansion would protect local agricultural lands and help to increase tourism opportunities in the historic Hudson Valley. ***I want to recognize Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,*** who sponsored the companion legislation in the Senate.”***


The boundary revision is supported by the Village of Kinderhook, the Town of Kinderhook, the New York State Historic Preservation Office, the Open Space Institute, the Columbia County Land Conservancy, the Friends of Lindenwald, the Columbia County Historical Society, the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, and was unanimously supported by the Columbia County Board of Supervisors in a 2005 board vote.

The legislation was included in an historic preservation bill that served as the legislative vehicle and passed by the Senate Thursday.


The Van Buren-Kinderhook Connection.

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  2. Hardly anything on the web about this legislation getting passed that has been lingering in Congress for the last two years.

    I’m glad Hillary saw the need for the expansion. With the additional acreage comes additional protection from encroaching development.

    I have the distinct pleasure of knowing Marilla VanBuren, the great, great granddaughter of MVB. She is a very generous and great lady in her own right. What do we have in common? Horses.. we love our horses!

    Her uniqueness extends to once she purchases a horse she almost never sells that animal. She may loan him to you, but she’ll never relinquish her right of watching over that animal for the rest of his life.

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    She is one of the greatest equestrian advocates in our horse world…

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