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Secretary Clinton Responds to you!

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Secretary Clinton recently  traveled to the Middle East and Europe. During her travels, she received questions via text message. In response to those questions, when asked how she would describe the trip, Secretary Clinton said:


“I thought this trip was a very good start for the new policies and the new approaches of the Obama Administration. I particularly appreciated all the work that went into the announcement that I made at Sharm el-Sheikh that the United States would commit more than $900 million to the cause of humanitarian relief for the Palestinians and for the work that the Palestinian Authority is doing in the West Bank.

I also very much enjoyed visiting a program that is in a contest for State Department recognition, talking to women in Israel who are part of a micro-finance and entrepreneurial training program, and then going to Ramallah and the West Bank and visiting another State Department-supported program, the ACCESS program that teaches young Palestinians, as it does with young people in many countries, learning English and learning more about our culture. This is a program specifically aimed at young people who are not from well-to-do, affluent, already-educated families. I was just thrilled at their enthusiasm.

Those are the highlights of what was a very important trip and a good beginning for our efforts.”

Secretary Clinton responded to the other frequently asked questions  here.