Bill and Vlad meeting in Davos!

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Finally, there’s some HOPE in the World!- The Clintons go about building bridges with countries formerly insulted and snubbed by the Bush Administration!

clinton-putin-largeIt’s about damn time this country started making progress rather than the disfunctionality of a country caught in a turn of the century time warp.

Former president, Bill Clinton attending the World Economic Forum this week embraced the occasion for private talks with former president, Vladimir Putin. Apparently, President Clinton’s status works hand in glove in an atmosphere of friendship where he “will continue to be an active figure on the international stage.”

President Clinton’s arrival in Davos was well received by foreign leaders resulting in an intense late night discussion with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The two met at a Sheraton Hotel where Putin reciprocated holding a private party after an early evening reception at a local museum hosted by President Clinton.

After the two men met privately behind closed doors for 90 minutes, walking out together, they greeted party goers and stood for remembrances of their meeting. Clinton quipped at Putin’s remarks implying his supporting free markets. Joking, “I hope it works for him.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will meet with Secretary of State Clinton prior to the April G-20 Summit, when Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will have their own face-to-face.

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    The people of this country never appreciated how the Clintons’ managed our government affairs effortlessly taking care of the people and the economy.

    Instead, the privileged and Republican scurf encouraged their heroes the Bushes and Cheney to destroy all we hold dear. All for the sake of breaking the Middle Class turning over their most important assets, their homes to Bankers and the government accelerating our metamorphosis to a Global Economy and New World Order.

  2. Bill has long been a world-wide favorite despite what MSM this side of the pond would have you believe. Actually, according to a Brit I know, the world began laughing at the U.S. when Repub’s began his impeachment over the Lewinsky affair. At any rate, when Bill left the WH, the world was a calm place; there was faith that common sense and diplomacy could solve most problems. A wonderful gift. I cannot overstate this man’s capabilities. Glad to see him out in the open again.

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