Salute to Greatness…for Hillary at King Center..

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Hillary Clinton Honored In Atlanta By King Center


Sunday, January 18, 2009

ATLANTA — Mere days before Barack Obama is set to make history as the nation’s first black president, the woman who battled him for the Democratic nomination was honored by a leading civil rights organization. Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. senator from New York and secretary of state designee, received the “Salute to Greatness” award at a fundraiser Saturday night for the King Center in Atlanta.

The event came just before the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday, marking what would have been the slain civil right’s leader’s 80th birthday.Clinton echoed King’s theme of service and called on Americans to rally behind Obama, the man who defeated her for the Democratic nomination for the White House. “This is an all hands on deck moment for America,” Clinton said.

She praised Obama as “a young man of such enormous promise” and said his election brought King’s dream within reach. “The election of Barack Obama is a big step closer to the realization of that dream but that doesn’t let us off the hook does it?”

Clinton said.She said the nation still faces challenges in providing health care and economic opportunity to all. And she recalled being transfixed when at age 13 she heard King speak on a chilly January evening in Chicago. Clinton was introduced Saturday night by former Atlanta mayor and United Nations ambassador Andrew Young.



King Clinton

  1. Starting Weds. your RIGHT; “cards are on the table”.
    You’ve been SOoooooooooooo “Amazing ” about the Caroline Kennedy thing; THANK YOU!
    Did you get my e-mail about the “final Push”??

  2. Hillary is and always will be magnificent. It has to be apparent to all by now, she never stood a chance.

    Most of all the cards are on the table.

  3. Great Post!!
    Remember her magnificent speech at the church he “Last” gave a speech?
    I still get “choked up” thinking about it.

  4. Hillary, gracious as always!

    She didn’t mention Obama’s claim after his recent march over the bridge, he was conceived during King’s march to Selma.

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