Why Caroline?

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Does anyone have any idea why we need Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg as an inexperienced Senator to represent New Yorkers? Suggestions requested!

It seems to me Caroline benefits from the percs of being a Senator more than New Yorkers benefit from her taking up a seat she is unqualified to act upon.

Isn’t what she is doing in direct contradiction to what her father said at his Inauguration Speech?

“Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask, what YOU can do for your country!”

Caroline has never done a ding, dang thing, except telemarket for donations before she hired someone to do that for her.   And is it really in the best interest of the People of New York for a Senator and her entire family to have such close ties to a president that they may have to say “NO” to when legislative issues come about that are NOT in the best interests of the People?

How do we know she has the capability to “Just Say No, Obama?”   I believe that is a salient point that just doesn’t compute and New Yorkers need to respond in kind with their fears especially to the Governor, who  under pressure from the TOP,   is scheduled to appoint her!

  1. Yep, we sent out the e-mails along with a mass e-mailing.

    Either way, Paterson is screwed. He’s been forced into a corner and will pick her.

  2. Gov Paterson on Hillary’s Senate seat – still time
    Paterson is still deciding who he will appoint to Hillary’s Senate seat; will decide c. Jan 22.

    An easy form for emailing Paterson:

    More info and a letter draft with links to many articles:

  3. fsteele:

    Paterson must have played football in his formative years. If he can stand there and peddle a line to hopefully stop the influx of mail he’s getting rebuking Caroline as the next NY Senator, his fake out pass isn’t working. No one believes he will disappoint his boss…BO. Neither do I!


    How in the world did you ever think Pelosi was a suitable choice for your BFF? You had better stick with us. We’ve got bigger fish (Carp) to fry.

    The media gunslingers (the carpers) have come to town. They’ve already set up a Foreign Policy website to examine and advise Hillary daily on the do’s, don’ts and what needs to be done in an unsolicited Coulterish basis.

    The website is called Madame Secretary. I would ask everyone if there is something you want to discuss regarding Hillary’s work, please copy and paste the article here.. where we can discuss on our terms and our turf!


    Here’s how I see Paterson. If he picks Caroline, he’s in the inner circle and isn’t looking to be an outsider looking in.

    If he chooses someone other than her, he’s setting up his own war room for the coming election. In order to do that, he would have to pick Cuomo.

    So… we wait and see how worried he is going with Caroline. Where he knows Obama cannot be trusted and his chances of being thrown under the bus are about 100 to 1.

  4. I don’t even know where to begin. However, the reality is that those who swore to serve the public rarely do. Nor do they care what we think. Nancy Pelosi made that clear to me early on. Yet I kept hoping for a ‘sign’ signifying otherwise. It came to the point where I removed the nice picture Nancy had sent be (because I supported Democrats so nicely in 2006) from its frame. Wrote volumes on the back of it to express my disappointment of her work. Sent it to her CA office. Have snail-mailed tons of other things to many many Dems. For all that effort and expense, I received back a total of three comments.

    It is a very hard lesson to comprehend. They simply don’t care about us, save for the campaigns.

  5. All your comments are giving this NYer “HOPE”, that there is enough “Negative” energy out there
    AGAINST seating “Princess Caroline”.
    I read somewhere Obama has “had it with her”. Then suddenly the media started letting unfavorable
    coverage of her through.

  6. It’s the nepotism. Caroline has never shown an interest in public service. She seems to behave like the child of Hollywood celebrities who is so removed from mainstream she hasn’t a walked in the shoes of adversity like her parents.

    If you look at Prince William, the future King of the UK and compare the likeability factor between them; you would assume it was Caroline who was groomed to be the future monarch. William earned his place in the People’s hearts and has a firm understanding of his responsibilities. Caroline, not so much!

  7. Anyway Paterson says he hasn’t decided and won’t decide/announce till after the 20th so there is still time.

    [ Albany paper ] Paterson ponders Clinton’s successor
    The finalists …appear to include Caroline Kennedy, state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi and Reps. Steve Israel, D-Nassau County, and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-Hudson, Columbia County.

    Paterson downplayed that the selection is between Kennedy and Cuomo, two scions of famous political families with the highest name recognition. In statewide polls this week, Cuomo pulled ahead of Kennedy as the top pick among voters.

    “My job is not to pick the person who is popular today, it’s the person who is going to be popular in 2010,” Paterson said on WFAN-AM radio in New York City.
    Comment box at the bottom. Wants registration/login. Short string.

    Reach Gov Paterson about Hillary’s replacement.
    Easy commenting for Paterson about Hillary’s replacement. Reallly easy.

  8. Even the ad agency supporting her had to say she had the DNA for politics. They didn’t have anything better to say for her.

    Others say she could phone Obama for money any time. But that doesn’t have to be from the Senate. If she’s such a dear friend of Obama, she could phone him from home.

    Unless she needs to hve a Senate vote she can sell him….

  9. Caroline is the joke treading on her late father’s memory and upstaging him with her actions when he specified, by virtue of his legendary words in essence said, “don’t do that” !

  10. It’s an inside joke to show that Hillary’s senate position was insignificant.

    There are cruel, mean spirited in the house of Barack Obama.

  11. We don’t need her.

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