SNL closer to reality than mainstream Media…

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At least Tina Fey’s mimicking of Sarah Palin was in good fun with Sarah Palin included in the joke. The unabashed ridiculing of Sarah Palin by the Media particularly Katie Couric was for what good reason?
Reporting the news as it was happening in a fair and balanced way? The unjustified cutting insults thrown at her family was for what good reason? Presenting a warped image of Sarah Palin’s personal life? To embarrass and humiliate her casting her as a less than capable intelligent contender for the VP slot?

Sarah Palin taking the bull by the horns… Good on her!

PALIN CABINET“I’ve been interested to see how Caroline Kennedy will be handled and if she will be handled with kid gloves or if she will be under such a microscope. … It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out and I think that as we watch that we will perhaps be able to prove that there is a class issue here also that was such a factor in the scrutiny of my candidacy versus, say, the scrutiny of what her candidacy may be.”

Turning the tables on the media has it’s benefits. It will be on Sarah Plain’s terms not theirs. Their questions will be without notice. Responsible for answers that will be analyzed, scrutinized and dissected by the public.

Dean remained silent during the sexist and misogynistic attacks against Hillary and Palin during the election season. Only after the election did Dean finally speak up in outrage. But the outrage was feigned. Good riddance to Howard Dean.

If Gov. Rob Blagojevich is guilty of trying to sell a Senate seat in Illinois, then Caroline Kennedy is guilty of trying to buy one in New York.

It is time to lay the Camelot myth to rest, and it is time for Caroline to stop using the name Kennedy to get an appointment that she doesn’t deserve and instead use the name Schlossberg to apply for the many jobs she is eminently qualified for.

If Gov. Paterson appoints Caroline Kennedy to the United States Senate, it will be (to use the words that were said of the gifted attorney Sir Thomas Inskip when he was appointed England’s Minister for the Coordination of Defense in 1939, a job he was not qualified for) “the most cynical appointment since Caligula made his horse a consul.”

  1. Hillary is a “Star”.
    Your words were beautiful.
    Now I’m off to add Sen Schumer to my list of contacts.
    After his moving introduction of her; I must try & appeal to him as well.
    Carolyn NOW…not …..Caroline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I AM THERE!!!
    However, when I heard Boxer passionately talking about this legislation she is trying to put forth:
    Carolyn Maloney is working the house side with her.
    History is repeating itself.

  3. We can’t live in the past. We learn from it.

    This was her destiny, she has accepted it and embraced it with open arms.

    Hillary is a star. No one can stop the stars from shining, no one!

  4. I’m forever in AWE of how incredible she is.
    1st Hillary not getting the job she deserved:
    Now Carolyn Maloney.

  5. Alex, take the quote and run with it!


    Yes, Hillary never fails to deliver the goods. I doubt there is a man on that panel who could have given a better vision of their intentions.

    All her cross-examiners could muster would be irrational exuberance at being chosen for the job. heh!

  6. During Senator Clinton’s SoS hearing ( wasn’t she WONDERFUL) ; Senator Boxer mentioned some anti-violence against woman legislation she & Maloney are working on.
    How much more cam she do?

  7. “If Gov. Rob Blagojevich is guilty of trying to sell a Senate seat in Illinois, then Caroline Kennedy is guilty of trying to buy one in New York.”

    I like the title quote, worthy of a spot in a big name magazine.

  8. If me mentioning your ‘bitching about semantics’ has droven you up wall already … I’m just wondering, what else could equally get you off the track … !!!?

    Admin: Glimour,

    I see you need a “Time Out” for introspective reflection.

    We won’t stand in the way of your happiness or your personal growth.


  9. You are free to disagree. It’s your job to convince us hopefully with tangible facts you have a valid point.

  10. I see … I’m open to disagree as long as I agree …

  11. Gilmour- You know, you are still welcome here even though you don’t see things in the proper light.

    Continuing dialog in a civilized fashion eventually will lead to consensus. I think-

  12. Oh sure … so you’re both clinging to semantics …

  13. As usual you put what is happening”Perfectly into a clear cut sound bite”.
    Carolyn is trying to openly “Buy” the senate seat in NYS.
    She’s also using “Extortion” by saying what a “big fundraiser she is”.
    So, “if” she doesn’t get the seat / she WON’T fund-raise??
    Oh I see, it’s OK to threaten that you are “NOT” a team player.

  14. Ann Coulter is NOT msnbc or mainstream media playing 24/7 around the clock in a round robin of teleprompter readers.

  15. Aw … get real, Ann Coulter borders libel, defamation, hatemongering and sheer misinformation on a daily basis … but I’ve never seen you complain about it …

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