King will unseat Queen Caroline in 2010.. Paterson will be a memory..

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A 2010 showdown between Pete King and Queen Caroline could spell disaster for New Yorkers.


Yesterday, Pete King in meetings with GOP leaders has been given the go ahead for a challenge in 2010 for the NY Senate Seat. One would ask, where is the benefit to New Yorker’s having Ted Kennedy’s niece taking up an important senate seat simply because they are historically and biologically related?

Has the Senate unilaterally made a promise to the Kennedys whatever legislation Caroline crafts for passage will receive universal bipartisan support?

Have the Kennedys received a written promise from the constituency of NY they will support her in the 2010 election in spite of an abysmal senate performance helping to allay NY’ers severe economic conditions?

In light of Mrs Schlossberg’s plummeting poll numbers dropping 31 points and the threat of Pete King challenging her next year. It seems the odds on not on the side of the Democrats for retaining a Democrat in the NY Senate seat.

“Caroline Kennedy’s popularity has suffered a “clear hit” as a result of her public campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat, while Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s positive ratings have shot up, according to a new poll.

According to Public Policy Polling, of Raleigh, N.C., 44 percent of New York State voters now say they have a less favorable opinion of Kennedy than they did before she started vying for the position. Thirty-three percent say it’s made no difference, and 23 percent report now having a more favorable opinion of her.

Cuomo now leads Kennedy 58-27 in a survey of the preferences of state voters. Among Democrats, Cuomo is ahead of Kennedy 54-34 percent; a month ago, the survey found Kennedy ahead of Cuomo by 44-23 percent among Democrats.”

Does Governor Paterson actually think New Yorkers will simultaneously suffer from short term memory loss when they step into the voting booth in 2010, after he deliberately appoints an obviously unliked and inept replacement, Caroline Kennedy, for Hillary Clinton’s seat?

  1. I just heard Gov. Paterson will be on a NY AM show.

    They mentioned the senate seat replacement as a topic to be discussed.

    Find… ‘Good Day’

    Contact us

    How great would that be IF in the AM their mail box IS full.

    Feel free to pass this on.

    anyone feel like venting at the prospect of Paterson appointing CK… here’s your chance!

  2. If he selects her then I will add Paterson to my list of Politicians that I have lost respect for in their support of “The One”.
    Some how Hill, Bill & Geraldine have managed to support him & not lose themselves.

  3. There is NOW WAY I will ever vote for Caroline Kennedy! When she endorsed Obama over Hillary, I was ANGRY AS HELL!! While I was able to contact Ted Kennedy through e-mail and phone, to tell him what I thought of his backstabbing Hillary, I looked and scoured the internet looking for contact info on Ms. Kennedy. There was NONE to be found.

    Now the bxxxx has the AUDACITY to blatantly tell New Yorkers she WANTS Hillary’s senate seat. That’s what you call BALLS! Jackie Kennedy became very friendly with Hillary when she first became first lady. The Clintons also vacationed with the Kennedys. Caroline Kennedy had to KNOW that Hillary was much more qualified to be president than Obama. Instead of endorsing the QUALIFIED WOMAN WHO HAD THE EXPERIENCE TO BE PRESIDENT, SHE ENDORSES THE EMPTY SUIT, WHO HAD NO EXPERIENCE AND NOT ONE SINGLE LEGITIMATE ACCOMPLISHMENT!!

    During the primaries, I VOWED that I would NEVER VOTE for ANYONE who supported Obama over Hillary. So IF Princess Caroline does get Hillary’s seat, she will NOT get MY VOTE in 2010. And even though Gov. Patterson did support Hillary, IF he caves in to the pressure from the Obama and the Kennedys to pick Princess for Hillary’s seat, HE WON’T GET MY VOTE IN 20120 EITHER!!!

    Admin: I altered the slur all women suffer hearing. We know the passion you feel and can appreciate it. However,with all the misogyny, we’re not going to degrade any women no matter how we feel about Caroline. If Paterson appoints her, we will see to it she and he are losers in the next year’s election. I hope to see you back here again; that is, if you’re serious.

  4. I’m sure King’s announcement will have an effect on Paterson’s decision. He’s either going to be a “hero” for Obama and jump in front of that fast moving bus or take his chances with the people, reminding them he did not “fail” them.

  5. Ellurian
    I could not agree more.
    That is the point we’ve been trying to drive home.
    I live in King’s district; he’s wonderful & loyal to “Both” Clinton’s (as much as a Republican can).

  6. edge:

    Paterson has got to realize, he was not elected to the Governors seat. If he chooses to piss NY’ers off by ignoring the “will of the people”, then he is a dead man walking, and out of contention before he even begins his campaign for election.


    We can only hope Paterson understands the risk he’s taking ignoring all the messages and faxes sent to his and Rangel’s office denouncing Caroline as the next Senator from NY. (no matter what she’s promised him. It will give him cold comfort when he looses the election and is nothing more than a NY voter himself.)

  7. Big Thanks to:
    You, DailyPuma, madamb & countless others. Having used your internet access to drive this critical issue & SOooo many others. Has brought “HOPE” that we can face the coming years together.

  8. I might get to vote GOP again, much as I dislike King. But the installing of the princess is just not something I will put up with. Looks I’ll be spite-voting for a while.

  9. Well, you were the one, tpt, that has a pulse on what is going on and what is important to NY politics.

    I wish I could have done more to make a difference if Paterson seats Caroline.

  10. I couldn’t agree more.
    You already have been such a big help with this issue.

  11. Well, my focus is on Paterson. There is a serious possibility that outraged NY’ers will dump him next year if he acquiesces to Caroline’s boo-hoo, I want Hillary’s seat. Ya-Know?

    Paterson is the decider for Caroline, but NY’ers are “his” decider… heh!

    I say… the focus should be on him. If he portends re-election.

  12. This is INSANE!!!
    There are so many great women/people for this spot;
    but Caroline sucks all the oxygen out of the room.
    Every time we think she’s out they bring her back in.
    I live in King’s district; I’ll campaign for him.

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