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King will unseat Queen Caroline in 2010.. Paterson will be a memory..

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A 2010 showdown between Pete King and Queen Caroline could spell disaster for New Yorkers.


Yesterday, Pete King in meetings with GOP leaders has been given the go ahead for a challenge in 2010 for the NY Senate Seat. One would ask, where is the benefit to New Yorker’s having Ted Kennedy’s niece taking up an important senate seat simply because they are historically and biologically related?

Has the Senate unilaterally made a promise to the Kennedys whatever legislation Caroline crafts for passage will receive universal bipartisan support?

Have the Kennedys received a written promise from the constituency of NY they will support her in the 2010 election in spite of an abysmal senate performance helping to allay NY’ers severe economic conditions?

In light of Mrs Schlossberg’s plummeting poll numbers dropping 31 points and the threat of Pete King challenging her next year. It seems the odds on not on the side of the Democrats for retaining a Democrat in the NY Senate seat.

“Caroline Kennedy’s popularity has suffered a “clear hit” as a result of her public campaign for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate seat, while Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s positive ratings have shot up, according to a new poll.

According to Public Policy Polling, of Raleigh, N.C., 44 percent of New York State voters now say they have a less favorable opinion of Kennedy than they did before she started vying for the position. Thirty-three percent say it’s made no difference, and 23 percent report now having a more favorable opinion of her.

Cuomo now leads Kennedy 58-27 in a survey of the preferences of state voters. Among Democrats, Cuomo is ahead of Kennedy 54-34 percent; a month ago, the survey found Kennedy ahead of Cuomo by 44-23 percent among Democrats.”

Does Governor Paterson actually think New Yorkers will simultaneously suffer from short term memory loss when they step into the voting booth in 2010, after he deliberately appoints an obviously unliked and inept replacement, Caroline Kennedy, for Hillary Clinton’s seat?