Caroline using last life-line, “you know”, “um” as her final answer!

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caroline-boston-heraldTina Fey voice..

Caroline: “I can see the Nation’s Capital from my house, “you know”, my 5th Ave Apt”..!

Sarah Palin was practically bludgeoned to death by the media for just being honest. At least she spoke in coherent, contiguous sentences unlike the Columbia Law School graduate, Caroline Kennedy, who cannot convert her thoughts into the spellbinding words necessary if she is to be an effective Senator for New Yorkers!

Can you imagine the length of her first Congressional transcript as she is making her case for her proposed Legislation offsetting the $1B Budget deficit projected for the state of New York seeing the alternative for New Yorkers is severe budget cuts?

Will we be seeing the ingenuity of resourceful Americans under the gun from a sinking economy having hats and T-shirts of all assorted colors printed up with the “You Know” and “um” phrases, replete with an attribution to Caroline Kennedy, flooding the marketplace?

Collector’s Items anyone?

Will there be a battle of the T-shirt phenom, between the Bloomberg advance Team who refuse to give up their lobbying efforts for Caroline and Caroline herself countering with: “They Made Me Do IT!”

as she continues to justify her faux pas of verbal tics accruing even more damage to her disjointed effort for wanting the senate position in the first place?

If I hear Caroline say, “I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY”, want the position of Senator, representing the State of New York because “YOU KNOW, UM”, I’M THE BEST PERSON, “YOU KNOW”, FOR THE JOB, “YOU KNOW”, BECAUSE MY FAMILY, “REALLY, REALLY, REALLY”, HAS A LONG HISTORY OF, “YOU KNOW”, PUBLIC SERVICE….

We’ll have to recommend 2 years of remediation because her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever. After all, bad enough we have a dumbed down population that voted for Obama in the first place…Just because, “UM, YOU KNOW”!

The last straw would be appointing a candidate who besides the nepotism factor, after listening to her long enough, effectuates a Brain Freeze not only on New Yorkers but the entire country!

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