Caroline has stiffed N.Y. Dems for years …

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including the backstabbing of Hillary Clinton. The Primary reason for Hillary returning Caroline’s $2,300 dollar contribution to her Presidential Campaign..


It is amoral actions like this that “Red Flag” Caroline as someone that cannot be TRUSTED not only as a friend, but an effective activist in the trenches fighting for her Constituency.

I believe, I could be convinced to think of Caroline otherwise. If she at least used the commonest of courtesies and called Hillary ahead of time and explained to her, she, Uncle Buck, Ethel, Maria and a few other cousins are going to support Obama. Leaving a few Kennedy’s back with her who had been actively and openly campaigning for her.

Instead she chose to keep her motivations secret. She wanted the impact of the Kennedy Clan to blindside Hillary into submission and happily used it as a tool to FORCE Hillary to step out of the race.

I could have maintained a modicum of respect for her. I consider Caroline Kennedy a dirty dog. I can’t express how sick and tired I am of dirty dogs! I’ve had it up to here—-> (pointing to neck deep) Perception is everything in Politics.

Caroline has barely involved herself in the political process actually working for PEOPLE and this includes VOTING! I don’t consider telemarketing fundraising rolling up her sleeves and getting off her *** and working for the People.

Caroline has done absolutely zero for Women’s issues. I just witnessed Caroline Kennedy make a statement on tv about how her mother felt about campaigning. She said, (direct quote) “My mother LOVED Campaigning!”.

I read Jackie’s biography years ago. One of the most poignant passages reinforced how much Jackie HATED Campaigning with and for Jack. The latest book “America’s Queen” written about the First Lady reiterates how much she HATED campaigning, going into the details of why she hated campaigning so much.

If Caroline is trying to pull another fast one… she’s been caught in a LIE…and I can only hope the media picks up and expands on how easily Caroline can pass off a LIE to those of us that (me as a kid) held her mother in such high regard!

I guess, I am not alone:

from the comment section and mostly NY’ers:

“The mound of evidence against Caroline Kennedy gets higher every day. Now we find out that she can’t even throw a few bucks at local Dems running for office. Geesh. How much more evidence does Governor Paterson need to tell Caroline she doesn’t get to be senator? She seems to have been totally disengaged from…everything. What has she been doing for all these years? Lots of women manage to raise their kids, work and regularly vote — without the benefit of millions of dollars to hire a nanny and a maid. Yet Caroline only says that she’s been raising her kids (and having someone ghost write a few books for her). I don’t think that Ms. Kennedy is well acquainted with multi-tasking and busting her ****. We need someone with a lot better track record to represent New York in these difficult times. Paterson needs to “man up” and just say “no” to Caroline Kennedy. Stop the madness!!!” Posted on Dec 26, 2008 5:28 AM

“How STUPID do they think we are: “An aide contended she voted for Ferrer, though she had worked for Bloomberg.” This person deserves ZERO handouts from the Democratic Party. If she wants to be a United States Senator, let her beat an incumbent candidate in a primary in 2010. Posted on Dec 26, 2008 5:33 AM

“Patterson will appoint her because he will need her money to get elected when his time comes. This guy is a bigger empty suit than Obama. Caroline appears to be a wealthy bored middle aged woman who figures she can easily do the senate job, and is obviously entitled to it anyway, even though she has zero qualifications.”
Posted on Dec 26, 2008 10:17 AM

“Why would New Yorkers want a senator who hasn’t worked a single day of her life to make a living? Caroline Kennedy has no idea what it’s like to survive in a faltering economy. Why not find somebody who works for a living? An ordinary person. Somebody who is angry that government at all levels robs us through taxation, making it more and more difficult to make ends meet. Somebody who doesn’t like big, incompetent bureaucracies. Somebody who isn’t an arrogant insider. The United States Senate is called “The Millionaire’s Club” for a reason. One hundred rich, out of touch members who decide how ordinary citizens should live their lives. Folks, we’ve got to put a stop to electing people (in this case, appointing) who see the role of ordinary citizens as pawns who will fund all their silly ideas. Taxpayers who make it possible for senators to stay in power; ordinary working stiffs who pay these so-called public servants a lot of money for very little work. The bottom line: we get what we deserve.” Posted on Dec 26, 2008 10:36 AM


  1. […] What I will do is list for everyone’s purview the outrage already felt by the same people that voted for this pretender, who doesn’t have an iota of experience to even claim he is capable of fixing anything. Neither does Ms. Kennedy. You can read about her non existent experience here at : Hillary Unleashed […]

  2. In fact, I’ll never understand chest-thumping Republicans who are not communists …

  3. tpt/ny..

    I do wish Pumapac would devote themselves almost exclusively to more face time attending to the audacity of Caroline’s wish to bump anyone else Governor Paterson may consider for the NY Senate Seat and of course, Louisa Rhodas.

  4. Nya …she’s as good as those lousy and lazy Republicans who now prefer to act as if they really cared about this country … if they wanna save face, they should do like every patriotic true heart Republican like myself would do … shut the %@$# up and do your best to unite this great country of ours … apart from this, it’s sheer hypocrisy … and anyone who says otherwise is a good fer nothing lying sac of ineffectual liberal scum …

  5. I’m so glad you all are still talking about this. Making sure she doesn’t get the seat is a critical PUMA victory. We can’t have another “Yes” person to Obama in the government.
    “Big” Thank You to this web-site & the others that are keeping this issue alive; especially Alessandro Machi. I can tell from all your comments on this topic you see how important it is.

  6. Well, Gilmour..

    I don’t care what someone looks like if they can do their job effectively and make a positive difference in people’s lives. The lives they swear to represent when they take the oath of office.

    If Caroline seriously wants the position, she can run for it in two years and prove to them by stating her platform’s policies, she is ready to represent them.

  7. Yeah … like Dubya, she never worked for a living … why should we support her … but I wished my wife looked like her …

  8. Alex,

    From what I understand, Hillary does and will have a say in who gets her seat. I believe, I read somewhere early on, it was part of the deal of her acceptance as SOS.


    nice handle! 🙂

    The least Caroline could have done is vote during those lost years. Even sending in an absentee ballot if she was overcome by personal circumstances.

  9. Great post. I’m really sick of this Caroline Kennedy entitlement.

    And you make a great point about the voting thing. I’m a busy mom of two kids and I work outside the home (and I don’t have millions of dollars or a nanny to help me) and I managed to take the five minutes out of my day every year to vote.


  10. Even if Hillary Clinton does not have the authority to name her own senatorial replacement, I think Hillary Clinton should be the one whose opinion matters on who replaces her.

  11. When Caroline spoke of her brother today, she sounded like an immature schoolgirl on her first job interview. “He’d be laughing his head off?” Caroline seems so detached from the real world from years of living in an insulated cocoon created by the historical legacy left to her by her parents. Other than living under the Kennedy masthead, who is Caroline anyway?

    Does Caroline even know who she is or what she is capable of? She has never done anything independently without co-somethingorothers in her life. The co-dependent relationship with her brother has never dissipated over the years only been substituted by different surrogates. When will Caroline emerge as a high functioning adult with a vision of what she intends on accomplishing in her life? It appears, Caroline doesn’t have a clue of what a Senator’s job entails.

    John was an extrovert…and could easily converse intelligently with anyone. Caroline is an introvert. Her difficulties lie in having sharp, diplomatic, communication skills which is a definite prerequisite if one expects to be a successful Senator in Congress. She needs to work on her weakness somewhere else before tens of thousands of people are dependent on her success at legislating to help and protect them.

    If Caroline is in denial of the observations I’ve outlined, then her motives are purely selfish. She is demonstrating a lack of consideration for the people of NY who need a seasoned Champion to represent them and the State of New York…. not a presumptuous novice who hasn’t the good sense to step aside and LEARN on her own time.

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