How this tragedy all got started in Betty Jean’s own words:

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UPdate: Scroll down to the bottom
targetNo laughing matter CNN, no slap on the wrist matter either! Who will join me?

Louisa’s law Maybe ?

Keep the offenders away from these women not drive the women into shelters and away from their homes.

Do you have any idea how many women get their brains blown out daily in this country because we are too damned easy on men who abuse women? They abuse their wives and their families and the major reason they continue to do is because women have so little protection and because they are slapped on the wrist – they keep getting away with it till they finally blow someone’s brains out then they land in jail where a lot of them should have been kept in the first place.

Better yet – the first time they started to show disrespect for women and girls if we stood our ground- maybe it wouldn’t be a joke that that leaves me tonight looking at two daughters battling for their very lives! One from Cancer and the other from the gunshot wound to the head from the 23 year abuser who was left to become worse and worse till he finally became a would be murderer!

It all started with blond jokes- that the guys in the locker rooms thought were funny at the girl’s expense. Unchecked it graduated to degrading language then to shoves, then to short stints for spousal abuse which wound up sending the abuser right back home to abuse again.

Just On June 16th 2008 this man, attacked my sleeping cancer patient daughter with a hammer to the skull for her pain drugs. He spent 3 months in Jail then pled guilty to a lesser charge and they let him out ROR, and it ended up with her sister Louisa my youngest daughter’s brains on the living room wall last night!

You bet the 180 degree turn-a-round from fire Favreau to maybe we should send him to a battered women’s shelter and fix the bastard was a bit personal! Now I am on a death watch for two daughters.


This has got to stop – too many innocent females are destroyed daily because we will not stand up and fight like hell. We want this stopped this was not a laughing matter CNN boys – come to Hackensack, Medical Center NJ and take a look at my daughter- Louisa Rodas. She has less than a 50/50 chance of surviving and if she does she will have one eye – one ear a half of a head and be paralyzed on one side – we have no idea how much brain damage.

STOP THIS NOW – PLEASE! For all our daughters !

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This thread will be kept open for further updates collected from various sources..

Please pray and help send this angel to Louisa’s bedside..

Play the video to hear the amazing story… then scroll down to read the latest news I have in the comment section:


    from Riverdaughter:

    Betty Jean at Free Us Now has an update on her daughter Louisa’s condition. For those of you new to the story, Louisa was shot in the face with a shotgun. The monster who did it is her former brother in law, George, who spent three months in prison last year for taking a hammer to the head of Louisa’s sister, Denise.

    Denise is suffering from ovarian cancer and wouldn’t give George her pain medication so he split open her scalp with a hammer. Louisa is not going to make it. Her brain function was severely impacted by the blast. She has lost one of her eyes. She is non-responsive. Betty Jean is heartbroken and angry. Her message is powerful in Women are Disposable Assets. Send some positive thoughts to Betty Jean and her family during this very trying time in their lives. No one deserves this.

  2. I listened a bit to Betty Jean’s Blog Talk Radio show..
    Tuesday night.

    Betty Jean came on with an update.. I haven’t seen any other reportage of an update, so I’ll post what I heard..

    BJ reiterated the last few days of the crisis where because of the size and scope of the gunshot wound to Louisa’s head, her brain began to swell.

    The doctors told her, Louisa is full of pellets they are unable to remove. The pellets lodged in her skull would be the most difficult because of the trauma. The pellets are lodged all the way down the side of her neck and scattered throughout her torso.

    (this is so graphic, it’s hard to write without crying) I don’t know either of them. I didn’t make it to Denver. Where, had I known them personally, I might never have been able to write this at all.

    Louisa has lost an eye, an ear and a side of her skull. Now, here is the part I found amazing. The doctors were ready to pull the plug, they felt Louisa was no longer with us. Betty Jean was starting to accept the inevitable…she gave it one last try. She called out to Louisa. She said give me a sign you can hear me… Well, it happened, Louisa squeezed her hand and tried to open her eye. She was struggling to make that eye respond, to look at BJ. She couldn’t do it. BJ lifted her eye lid to look into her eye..

    BJ said she started to cry and called the nurse. The nurse said, NO.. that happens all the time. It’s an involuntary response.. a twitch (in the hand) BJ said, no… she can hear me and understands… They called the doctor in.. she asked Louisa to squeeze her hand and Louisa did it again.

    The doctor was astounded.. he said (more or less) if Louisa is still fighting, we will fight along with her..(that part really made me cry)

    Besides everything else. Infection… is what they worry about now.

    Please God, let there be an angel there for Louisa…

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