For Caroline, senate seat merely symbolic… more Cowbell!

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UPDATE: IF Caroline Kennedy’s voting record is used as the measure of her qualifications for Hillary’s Senate Seat… She doesn’t even come close to measuring up to her father’s, Hillary’s or RFK’s vision and passion for creating a better America for their constituency.

RFK essentially used his senate seat as a bully pulpit for Civil Rights, helping the poor out of poverty, eventually launching himself into mainstream politics for his presidential bid.

JFK launched his bid for the House of Representatives with the encouragement and grooming of his father Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. JFK represented the state of Massachussetts in the US House of Representatives from 1947 to 1953.

Hillary leaves the Senate behind with a stellar record for Women’s Rights and as a strong, tireless advocate for Education and the Health and Welfare of Children.

Caroline chooses to trivialize the seriousness and determination her father, uncle and the predecessor, Senator Hillary Clinton possessed as representatives OF the people, FOR the greater good of the people by pointing her finger at the NY Senate Seat with nothing more to offer than:

“I want that!”

Her voting record is atrocious for someone considering so serious a responsibility.

“Caroline Kennedy, the former first daughter who is making her case to get tapped for outgoing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s seat, didn’t cast a ballot in the 2005 mayoral primary or the 2002 general election, The Post has learned.

City Board of Elections records show the registered Democrat also didn’t cast a ballot in the 1997 mayoral primary race, a Post review showed.

Kennedy, whose records show registered in the city in 1988, didn’t cast a ballot for almost 10 years after until 1997. Then stagnated for another three years until voting again in 2000, no vote in 2002 then voted 4 times more in 04′, 06′, the primary and general in 08′.”

Governor Patterson, based on how hard YOU worked to get where you are today, do not succumb to the whim and fancy of a candidate unworthy of taking up a space reserved for a candidate who actually respects and demonstrated a serious work ethic for their constituency.

After all, if Kennedy thinks she is the better person for the job, she is free to run for the position in 2 yrs., allowing New Yorkers to decide for themselves.

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