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clutch-my-pearlsThe future Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will be taking a pay cut of $4,700 qualifying her for her new job. The rest of the stellar Congress that has financially bankrupted our economy, will be getting a pay raise- huh… Yes I said a pay raise.It works like this. Senators now make $169,300 and are expected to receive a raise to $174,000 next year. I ask you, does this make any sense to increase the burden on taxpayers while they continue losing jobs in every sector of the economy?

This pay raise means an additional $4,700 in each and every Senator’s paycheck. This $4,700 increase will be taken out of the hide of the taxpayers who are suffering beyond belief trying to stay alive and survive the catastrophic bankruptcy of our economy brought to us by the people seeking a raise for their shameful work.

If we had hired them as subcontractors and they didn’t deliver satisfactory results for the job they were hired to do…. would they be paid for producing inferior substandard service? I know, I would not be willing to pay for something I never received. If Senators were employed in executive positions in the corporate sector; stockholders would have a problem increasing salaries for inexcusable failure. They would rightfully vote it down!

So, why are we allowing this tragic misappropriation of public funds rewarding a failed Democratic Congress paying them an additional $4,700 dollars a year for sending the middle class to the poor house? I welcome comments reflecting this insanity unless readers are either too apathetic to respond or unaware we are once again victims of a ‘spit in your face’ Congress laughing all the way to the bank with OUR MONEY! .
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  1. The only way we stand a chance of making a difference is in sheer numbers by keeping in contact with activists who aren’t afraid to act.

    Congresscritters do notice when they are deluged with several thousand letters a day. Yes, they do… I don’t know if it’s the effect of an avalanche of mail or the fact that each letter signifies a pr of eyes watching their every move. 🙂

  2. I just get really frustrated when I contact my Congress members because I get a nice polite reply telling me why they are voting opposite what I recommend (bailouts, for example). If I thought it would make a whit of difference, I’d write. Oh, maybe I will anyway. Eternal Optimist, I.

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