RISE.. Hillary… RISE.. as the failed msnbc propaganda goes to work..

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Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, Rachal Maddow, Mika Brzezinski, Arianna Huffington, all of them should resign or be fired. The overpaid over exposed pundits of propaganda couldn’t deliver Hillary DOA-to the Democrats!

This pathetic group of lobotomized news readers failed to convince the American people Hillary was unfit for office, any office. Eighteen million strong remain standing behind their girl and I can’t even conceive her monumental star quality will lie stagnant in the wake of a World in a state of perilous crisis.

Sandy Berger, a life long friend and former national security adviser of the Clintons had this to say :

“I think this is a sensational appointment,” said Samuel R. “Sandy” Berger, who served as Bill Clinton‘s national security adviser. “She brings intellectual firepower. She brings a high energy and a credibility in the world, which will be very valuable. Obama has shown great leadership in putting this team together.”

Hillary’s good friend and mentor Madeline Albright seems pleased Obama saw the light:

“She is very keen on having America’s leadership restored in a way where we are respected, where we are capable of talking to countries we don’t like,” Albright said. “That would be her modus operandi, and it fits with what Obama has said.”

However, my worry is this … Obama has a reputation for throwing people under the bus when he feels he no longer needs their influence or skill to further accomplish a step-up. The proof in this statement is evident in the frowning, seething resentment roiling from the Far Left.

The MSNBC may be watching and waiting with malicious intent to entrap Hillary and finally put this thorny firebrand to rest … Well, so are 18 million prs of eyes watching and documenting every step they take if they think we’ve gone quietly into the night … Rise Hillary Rise …

Dr. Maya Angelou: “Rise, Hillary. Rise.”

” You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

  1. Allesandro,

    Huffpo and msnbc are what they are but they are not capable of breaking Hillary or Bill.

    The proof is this, Bill and Hill survived the Impeachment in spite of not just those news outlets smearing them day in and day out….but the whole of newsdom smearing them day in and day out.

    We’ve got bigger fish to fry and why I created a “media” tracker page

  2. If Huffington Post and MSNBC can have a field day with Hillary requiring direct access to Barack Obama before she accept Secretary of State, then of course they are at the ready to damage her influence at a moment’s notice.

    I think MSNBC needs to be investigated by the FCC, but it will only happen if we, the consumer, can make intelligent, documented complaints against MSNBC that will stick.

    I have a Keith Olberman picture at that gives a link to the FCC plus a link to an article that defines what might be considered FCC violations.

  3. slate article:

    “It is unlikely, by the way, that Hillary Clinton has inclinations to the contrary—and not just because she appreciates Gen. Jones’ bureaucratic prowess. Even accepting the critique that she is looking out above all for her own political future and legacy, she has almost certainly read enough history to know that the most renowned secretaries of state are those who lock step with their presidents—and that those who angle in dissent turn out badly.”

    Veiled threats!?! My horses are rested and itching to get out there and run. Saddle up!

  4. Yes, you both are absolutely right. We have to be on this from the beginning and expose the media and defend Hillary to the max. She is there for us working in our best interest.

    I will add another page…to the blog.. as a “bridge crossing over the sewer” per…Jackie Kennedy

    And start by posting the slate and Huffpo stories.

    Think of a title…

  5. MSNBC and Huffington Post far far outweigh the appointment of Hillary Clinton to S.O.S. Now more than ever PUMA’s need to be vigilent and report the news atrocities these two put out on a daily basis.

  6. Congrats on the new site!

    Here’s another one to add to the list of Hillary-bashers:

    Slate’s entire article focuses on “reassuring” those who are worried about Hillary’s “manipulations” that Obama and his boyz have it (her) all under control.

  7. Maya’s words ring true. Are you listening Oprah?

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